Spirit of Texas Quilt

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you all a Texas themed sports quilt. It was designed and pieced by Kathleen, It’s truly unique and designed just for her grandson.

Since Kathleen’s grandson’s favorite teams are all from Texas, the name for the quilt was simple.

She chose a variety of wonderful fabrics ranging from, Kona fabrics, MLB Cotton Broadcloth Texas Rangers Red/Blue fabrics, NFL Cotton Broadcloth Cowboys fabrics, NBA San Antonio Spurs Fabric Black/Silver, NBA Houston Rockets PatchFabric. Kaufman Sevenberry Classiques Small Star Navy fabrics.

I love how Kathleen, designed the interlocking design that frames each square, along with the perfect piecing. It made this quilt so easy to Longarm.

The top quilting design, that was decided upon was, straight lines and stitch in the ditch along the intertwined design, with large pebbling in the small grey sashing strips. Framing  the intertwined design with loops and stars in the outer border’s with star echo quilting for the corner squares.

It turned out fantastic, thank you Kathleen for another fun quilt.

Until next time,

Have a Sew Happy Day!!!




Touching lives one Quilt at a time.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you all, a project dear to my heart. This was a donation for a local nursing home that was in need of warmth and a little love. The donation on my personal part was made in “Loving Memory of my Grandmother”.

This project actually started last year, I was trying to decide on a charitable donation for the elderly, I was actually stumped for awhile on the project at hand. I knew from previous experience, from working in nursing homes, that the elderly get chilled easily and are always wanting a fuzzy blanket on hand.

So I tested quite a few options, I  measured wheelchair’s of all makes and models to come up with a plan. I then decided to make a wheelchair quilt, that has ties on each end, so they can easily attach to the armrests of the chair while staying nicely positioned on their laps, without getting hung up in the wheels or braking system on the wheelchair’s.

After I drew up a design, I wanted to use fun fabrics and blocks that I knew would brighten there day. When they really needed a gentle hug of comfort.

I started making wheelchair quilts one right after another. Some with animals and some that where full of flowers, a few where patriotic with eagles and flags. Before I knew it I had made a total of 14 wheelchair quilts. 

The goal was 20 wheelchair quilts in all, I knew at first this would be a huge task for me. I enlisted help from a dear friend and my local Modern Quilt Guild.

Last month I received a call from the local nursing home’s director, asking if I could possibly make an earlier donation. I said sure I have ten wheelchair quilts I could donate now.  I asked my friend how many she had so graciously made so far, she told me she had made eleven.

So between both of us, we donated 21 wheelchair quilts! It was truly amazing seeing the look of pure joy, on the residents faces when we told them they could have a quilt made with love to keep them warm on the chilly days ahead.

The remaining wheelchair quilts that I have made, will be donated later this month with the guilds donation to the nursing home.

I hope you enjoy the meaning behind this post. Just remember one random act of kindness can forever change someone’s life!

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!!

Jenn xoxo 

Photo’s of the Residents are curiosity of McKay’s Nursing Home!!


Floral Fantasy 

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you all a stunning Floral quilt, that Gayleen carefully pieced in to a unique masterpiece. 

The blocks are simple, but yet they perfectly showcase the elegant flowers. This quilt reminds me of a warm sunny summer day!

Gayleen used the Floral fabric line called Catalina by Maywood Studio, for the quilt top and a deep purple scrolled fabric for the backing. 

I was so excited when Gayleen, requested custom quilting for her quilt, as it gave me creative freedom, to create a unique masterpiece for her. After she contacted me  about design options, I carefully studied her picture of the Floral quilt top, I grabbed a piece of paper and let creativity take it from there.

I decided on a flourishing feather motif, intertwined in a large circle, along with feathers circling the inside and the outside of the design with small pebbling accenting the center. 

I decided the secondary design to be cross hatching in a one inch grid pattern, to complement the larger rectangle’s. Along with orange peel’s with a free floating swirl in the corner square’s.

Then finishing the quilt off in the border’s with an infinity loop.

I had a blast top quilting Gayleen’s quilt it was a real treat I hope you enjoy the pictures of this wonderful Floral quilt!!

Thank you Gayleen!

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!!

Jenn 🦋 


The “Icing” Quilt 

Hello Fellow Followers,

I wanted to share with you all, a beautiful quilt designed by my dear friend, for her grandson and his love of Hockey.

Kathleen carefully chose the perfect fabric’s that complemented each other from Northcott Studio Fabric’s line called “Power Play” in Blue Ice along with “Power Play Champion Hockey gear in Red and framed her quilt with mitered boarders with Robert Kauffman’s fabric line called “Skates, Pucks and Sticks. 

She then backed the quilt with a soft and warm Flannel by Camelot Fabrics called ‘Hockey Champion’ her quilt was designed around the center panel with wonderful lettering blocks along with his name and his Jersey number and printed memorable pictures of his games on the outer edges.

I admire her creativity and desire, to make a quilted treasure for her grandson that will last a lifetime because these gifts come from the heart and are truly special.

With a plan in mind, I started by accenting her masterful design, by outlining the center panel with the Hockey Ring and the players followed by a fun fractured ice design in the crisp “Power Play” blue ice boarders and then proceeded to outline the lettering blocks and photo blocks with a zig zag inside each letter and sashing fabric around each photo, followed by a large meandering stitch and finishing with large offset circles mimicking Hockey pucks.

Thank you Kathleen for the honor to Longarm your special treasure, I enjoy being part of such memorable quilts.

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!!

Jenn ❤️


Pricing for Longarm Quilting.


Pricing for Long Arm Quilting!!

My starting price for simple all over designs, starts at .02 per square inch. This includes, stippling, large meandering, as well as some straight-line quilting, depending on the design of the quilt.

If you would like custom quilting, (example- small pebbling, feathers, ruler work or a specific design the cost will start at $.03 per square inch).

I quilt all my quilt tops freehand, which means no computerized quilting, so each quilt is unique and customized to your design in the quilt top.(I am human, I cannot make each quilt perfect, but I will definitely do my best work possible for my abilities)

I also ask that you email me pictures, of your quilt, along with the measurements so we can come up with a design and a quote on pricing,  that is suitable for your quilt top. 

* As not all quilting motifs are achievable with some quilts.

I would also like to note, that I do require at least (8 ) extra inches for the backing fabric for each side of the quilt, as I have to be able to clamp the quilt on my frame as well as to test tensions, before quilting your quilt it saves me the hassle of ripping out stitches!

I try to match thread to the quilt top, so if another thread color is desired please specify that in your email, or private messages, so I know what color of thread you prefer. 

I also work with a variety of backings (example, 108 inch backings or sheets and also pieced backings please note, if you’re sending a pieced backing I cannot guarantee that it will be loaded perfectly straight on my frame) If there are any open seams I will not be able to see if they pop open, so please make sure you seams are secure.

I also ask that your seams are ironed to one side or the other as a seam pressed open will usually pop open and can cause a pucker in your backing!

If you request me to piece your backing for you it will be a flat rate of $4.00 a seam.

I will also ask you to specify if you would like me to trim your quilt, or if you would like to do that yourself.

 If you request for me to trim for you there will be no charge. All fabrics trimmed from the excess backing will be sent back to you with your quilt top. 

If your quilt is a Vintage or heirloom quilt top, please let me know as some materials may be degraded and require extra time to quilt.

I do ask that you let me know if this will be a show quilt, so that way I know if the threads will need to be buried or if you would like to bury your own threads.

At this time, I’m offering a flat rate on Batting depending on the quilts size, which will be discussed in the quote of your quilt.

I’m currently using Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Cotton Blend Batting, but I also can use your desired batting, if this batting is not suitable for your quilt.  Just let me know so I can accommodate 

*Please note that if you provide the batting I will still require the same 8 inches extra on each side of the quilt top to match the backing.

I also offer Binding at a flat rate of $25.00 which is machine sewn to the back of the quilt, and then machine sewn to the front.

If you would like your quilt top to have the binding sewn to the front and then hand sewn to the back, it will be an additional $25.00 charge as Hand sewing takes time it will also add a week, to the turnaround time as well.

I also require you to pay your shipping to me and then back to you when the quilt is complete this will be included in the quote for your quilting.  I do have the following shipping options available USPS, Fed-Ex and UPS please specify which company that you would like me to you use.

 International clientele please note, that shipping will be the quickest, route to you but can not be guaranteed in a timely manner due to processing through customs. 

I do ask, you to label your quilt with your name and specific quilting instructions, so I can email you upon receipt of your quilt top and if when received we need to revise the quilting design, or if I need to contact you regarding any concerns I may have with your quilt top.

Minimum Quilting Charge is $20.00

I accept all sizes of quilts, big and small.

Payment options- PayPal, I also can make custom listings on my website as well to pay through a secure network.

Upon discussing your quote for your quilt top, I will need to know what your time frame is for having your quilt back to you. My typical turnaround time is 2 weeks, depending on the quilting and if I may be away from my studio upon receiving your quilt.

*Please note that I will do my best to return your finished quilt top to you in a timely manner, but please keep in mind, that I am the only person doing the work and I do need to have a reasonable time frame to work with!

I also would like it to be specified, if I have permission to share your quilts, on my blog and to share pictures of your quilt on social media (Example) WordPress, Instagram, Facebook.

Disclosure* I am not responsible for issues regarding improperly pieced quilt tops, open seams, fullness in borders, or wonky coping strips added to quilts.

Thank you,

Jenn Tincher.

*Below are samples of my Quilting!




Vintage Roses Quilt 

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share a beautiful vintage themed rose quilt, with you all that Carolyn sent. It’s so beautiful with it’s robust roses in full bloom, in beautiful vases.

The fabric was designed I think by Wilmington fabrics in panels, Carolyn then framed each block beautifully and added a vibrant rose fabric to the sides.

This was such a fun quilt, as I wanted this quilt top to really pop so I asked Carolyn, if I could use a rich red Aurifil thread to accent each rose with a sage green Aurifil thread to accent the leaves.

We decided on free floating feathers in between the frames blocks in vibrant red as well as for outlining the roses. The vases where quilted with green to blend with the background, then finishing off the side borders, with a fun flourishing flower motif.

It turned out beautifully!! Thank you Carolyn I hope you enjoy.

I hope you all,

Have a Sew happy day!!



Extraordinary Sea life Quilt!

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you, a beautiful quilt, that has the most detailed embroidery, of Dolphins, star fish, crabs, seashells, sharks, whales and octopus’s.

Carolyn sent me this quilt top, it is for her granddaughter’s birthday what a special gift to have for many years to come.

This quilt makes you want to pack your bags and travel to a sunny beach on a tropical island. 

For this fun quilt top, I decided to quilt small pebbles, around the fun sea life and have free form feathers in the corner’s of the embroidered blocks to finish it I added large pearls in the black sashing strips, along with free form waves and pebbling with a straight line design to frame the outer edge of the quilt.

I had a blast quilting this fun Sea lifequilt, thank you Carolyn I hope your granddaughter loves her special quilt.

Until next time have a 

Sew Happy Day!!

Jenn ❤️


The Free Form Rail Fence Quilt.

Hello Fellow Followers,

The summer is winding down, you can feel a touch of fall in the morning air, but it’s still officially summer, until the kids go back to school in a few weeks.

I wanted to make summer, last a touch longer and this quilt is the perfect combination of summer and beautiful star filled nights. It was pieced by a dear friend I ment on a online mini quilt swapping group and we are also pals on Instagram.

So we share in each other’s accomplishment’s and boy she really knocked it out of the park with this quilt!! By using all Cotton+Steel fabrics with a few Tula Pink pieces in the mix as well. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but I’m a real sucker for Cotton+Steel fabrics, I love the unique design of this pattern it’s called Free Form Rail Fence by Cultural Fusion.

So we decided on a straight line design, but after I had the quilt on the frame, I decided it needed more personalized touches to accent her beautiful piecing. 

So in turn, I straight line quilted the blocks outlining each one, in the secondary sections I added free floating feathers and swirls along with a few swirly flowers, that are hidden in certain sections it finished beautifully!!!

Thank you CeLynn 🌻I hope you enjoy your quilt for many years to come!!

Until next time have a Sew happy day!!✂️



Baby Bunting Quilt 

Hello Fellow Followers, 

I want to share with you an adorable quilt, that was designed around my clients son’s baby clothes. This adorable quilt started with a picture, that was seen on a popular website, so Betsy contacted me and asked if this Bunting quilt would be possible? I stated why of course I can do that!!

So she carefully gathered her favorite baby clothes and picked out the cutest fabrics to complement the quilts design, each outfit that she chose has special meaning, so this quilt is a true treasure!!!

Once I carefully cut out the Bunting flags that where made from her son’s clothes. I arranged them in a free hanging banner design. Rick rack was then added to the top of the Bunting to give it that special touch.

I top quilted swirly loops and on the outer edges quilted large flags to complement the border fabric. It turned out so nicely!!

 Thank you Betsy I hope you enjoy your quilted treasure.

Until next time have a Sew happy day 😃


The Wedding Quilt 

Hello Fellow Followers,

I wanted to share with you all, a unique and beautiful quilt, this modern themed quilt was designed upon request from Anna from her son’s and soon to be daughter in laws wedding invitation.

So the planning and design started right away, as she had a time frame in which she needed the quilt completed by. It was a simplistic design so I was happy to help her with preserving that special day. 

The first stages of this quilt took some time as the angles and sharp intersecting lines needed to be perfect and accurately match the invitation. Once the design was drafted in a quilt program called EQ7 and finialized it was then showed to Anna, to see if she was happy with the overall look as a few borders where added to give the design more length and width. 

She loved the design, so we proceeded with fabric choices which had to be a very dark coal grey and a tawny gold to match the invitation color’s luckily my local quilt shop had the perfect fabrics for quilt.

Once the quilt top was pieced together it was then decided to densely pebble the whole quilt top and leave the tawny gold just outlined with the word Love free hand quilted at the top of the quilt it turned out fantastic.

I hope you enjoyed the little story on this beautiful quilt and the pictures that accompany it, the wind was really bad the day we took the pictures so it was hard getting the perfect shot of this beautiful quilt. 

Thank you Anna we hope your son and daughter in law love it!

Until next time have a Sew happy day! 😃