The Wedding Star.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I wanted to share a fabulous quilt, with you all that my friend Gayleen made for a special Bride.

This Carpenter Star, is so lovely with it’s royal blues and crisp grey’s paired with white focal blocks, that give the quilt movement and complexity.

When Gayleen sent me a picture of her quilt, I knew exactly how I would top quilt it.

I started off with accenting the star design. With a feather design outlined with pebbling, then in the larger white squares I did a diamond that was cross hatched with scrolling feathers on the outside accenting it. Along with clam shells in the larger open squares.

I also wanted this fabulous quilt to have a secondary design in the large star.

I think it turned out beautifully I hope you enjoy the pictures of this amazing quilt.

Thank you, Gayleen.

Until next time, I hope you have a

“Sew Happy Day”




Spring Flowers.

Hello Fellow Followers, I hope spring has started to appear, at your home. If not then these beautiful quilts, will tide you over until your spring flowers begin to bloom.

Carolyn, sent two beautiful quilts, to be quilted. The first quilt is called “Natures Garden” this beauty, has so many beautiful flowers and leaves. It was quilted the same as the suggested quilting diagram, that Carolyn, had sent along with it.

I sometimes add some of my own personal touches, such as a swirl here and a feather their. As I really dislike, following someone else’s work. I like creating my own canvas, for a quilt which often leads me, in to over quilting a design but it’s really worth it.

The next quilt I’m calling the “Flourishing Flowers” as it has such pretty embroidered flowers, in the center’s of each on point block, with a soft blue sashing.

I think both of Carolyn’s, quilts turned out beautifully.

Thank you, Carolyn for trusting me with your treasure’s

Until next time have a “Sew Happy Day”

Jenn. ūüíź


Feathers and Flowers.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I hope the spring weather, is reaching you wherever you may be. With it’s sunny rays, longer days and beautiful flowers. If it’s not yet spring, in your neighborhood then I hope this lovely quilt, that Gayleen made will do the trick, for your spring fix.

This strip quilt was inspired by Angela Walters, pattern called “Shattered Window Frame.” The fabric’s that Gayleen, used for her quilt, was from a designer called “Me and my Sister design’s”

I love the soft colors of green, teal,whites and pinks in this strip quilt. Gayleen wanted the design to be simple,but yet beautiful. The design that was decided upon was Feathers along with stitch in the ditch in some rows along with ribbon candy.

I think Gayleen’s quilt, turned out fantastic! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thank you Gayleen!

Until next time I hope you have a “Sew Happy Day”



Treasure‚Äôs from the heart.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you all a unique variety, of quilts made by Carolyn.

I love the variety and complexity of each quilt, it’s like a fresh canvas, I get to create a unique complementary design for.

The first quilt is a special, Quilt of Valor, With magnificent eagles that are the focal point of the quilt.

This is the wonderful backing, Carolyn made it fits this quilt beautifully.

The next quilt is a beautiful hummingbird quilt, with large flowers it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The next awesome quilt, is one with elaborately embroidered bird blocks. This one was so much fun!

The next quilt is a fun festive Christmas quilt I love the large poinsettia’s.

The next quilt, is another strip quilt for thanksgiving in cheerful fall colors.

The last quilt, is a beautiful floral wall hanging with an afternoon tea.

I hope you enjoyed, the beautiful array of wonderful quilts.

Thank you, Carolyn.

Until next time I hope you all have a Sew Happy Day.



Modern Creativity Quilt.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I hope this blog post, find’s you well and happily sewing on a beautiful quilt.

I recently received this gorgeous, quilt from Gayleen. It is the perfect reflection of Modern quilts, with its scrumptious Cotton+Steel fabric’s, I instantly fell in love with it.

This was a special quilt, made for a family member of Gayleen’s, so she wanted it to be extra special.

I quilted a large free flowing feather’s, on the outer border’s paired with swirl orange peel’s for the squares. Accented with ribbon candy, It turned out beautifully.

Ugh sigh, tho I fight a constant battle with either matching the thread to well, or a lack of proper lighting, on drab day’s. That it’s hard to see the top quilting.

Thank you Gayleen, for the honor to quilt for you!

I hope you all enjoy the picture’s of this amazing quilt.

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!!!



Quilts of Valor.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share, with you all some wonderful quilts for Veterans, that Carolyn pieced.

The first quilt is made, with beautiful blocks in Red, White and Blue, in a patriotic design. I wanted to accent her piecing so I kept the quilting simple and echoed the eagle’s and kept a simplistic design through out the quilt.

The second quilt, in this line up, has a unique arrow design. So to complement the design, I went with a double orange peel and a half triangle peel. Finished off with L loops.

The third quilt, is a patriotic tumbling block design, I went with a simple all over star and loop design it turned out nicely.

The Fourth quilt, was a square on square design. I quilted orange peels and added a zig zag design, in the open areas of the design.

The Fifth quilt, was another tumbling block quilt. With a patriotic eagle border I wanted to keep the focal point on the fabrics, so I went with a gentle rolling wave to represent the American flag.

Thank you Carolyn, for blessing are Veteran’s with such heartfelt, love and joy with your beautiful quilts of Valor.

Until next time, I hope you all have, a

“Sew Happy Day”



Abundance of Beauty.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share, with you all some amazing quilts, that Carolyn sent to have quilted.

The first quilt out of the five is a unique quilt. This was a quilt as you go block, designed for Joann fabrics. This beautiful quilt is called “Natures Garden” it’s a true beauty, made up of flower blocks with spinning pin wheel blocks and floating stars. I quilted each block with a unique spin, giving each one its own special touch.

The second quilt, is a beautiful Teal Dresden plate, I wanted this quilt to shine.¬† So I did an all over freehand feather, around each Dresden plate block, with free-floating pedals and an out line on all of the outsides of the flower’s design. Followed by complementing¬† cross hatching and a half circle cross hatching, with a floating floral design in the center.

The third quilt was a fun strip quilt with  elaborate handmade floral flowers along the bottom with beaded centers along with a vibrant  floral border I quilted an all over feather design through out the quilt and finished it off with a petal design on the outside.

The Fourth quilt, was a Christmas strip quilt, with the cutest chickadee’s, in an array of color-way’s. I wanted an elegant design, for this quilt so in the boarder’s, I quilted a free-floating feather design. In the center of the quilt a freehand poinsettia motif.

The Fifth quilt, has to be my favorite it’s a Thanksgiving quilt. it’s also a strip quilt with a cute turkey bird border. In festive fall colors, I wanted this quilt to be really special. So I used a lot of ruler work, on it, the design was a cross hatched triangle in four corners. With free-floating feathers, on the edge’s of the cross hatching, along with an oval design and swirls with one single curl of ribbon candy in the center of the quilt.

Thank you, Carolyn for giving me the privilege to quilt your beautiful quilts.

Until Next time “Have a Sew Happy Day”



Beautiful Blessings.

Hello Fellow Followers,

It’s the start of a new year, time to make new goals and reflect on past goals achieved. It’s time to make more time for others and yourself. Don’t forget to count your blessings, as well, so in turn I want to share these six beautiful quilts, with you all made by a dear friend Carolyn.

I received a batch of quilts from Carolyn, all where made with love and care for others and to help local Veterans.

The first two quilts where made for the Quilts Of Valor, they are similar in design but unique in fabrics. I Quilted both quilts with orange peels and stars and loops, they turned out wonderfully.

The next two quilts where made with panels that had beautiful deer on them. I love the quilt with the Attic window design it’s beautiful and the other deer quilt has a wonderful family of deer. I Quilted each one a little different I love how unique each quilt is.

My favorite quilt that Carolyn, sent is this gorgeous Dresden Plate quilt, with a perfect message in the center “This is the day the Lord, has made let us rejoice in it” I love the meaning and the fabrics.

The last beautiful quilt, is similar to the Quilts of Valor, with one exception it has adorable heart fabrics and a slightly different layout. I had fun quilting this one as well they all turned out so nicely,

I also Quilted up a little fish wall hanging, but somehow I forgot to take pictures of it.

Thank you Carolyn, I hope you have a blessed day!

I hope you all enjoyed these beautiful quilt pictures, until next time.

Have a Sew Happy Day!!!



My Memory Quilt.

Hello Fellow Followers,

It’s been a little while since my last post, so today I would like to share a very special quilt with you all. It’s a quilt made up with grief,pain, tears and immense Joy.

This is my memory quilt, in the center is my grandma’s last tee shirt, the quilt is made with all cat fabrics, from some wonderful people on Instagram in a swap that was held last year.

When I was a child and as long as I can remember. My grandma, always had a cat or two that we would pester and love on. I seen the joy it gave her to pet and love on them, they where her balm for the soul she named each one with a special name and would talk to them like children. I guess her love for cats rubbed off on me as I love cats.

But since her passing, I have been very sad I do not show it on the outside because I hate answering why I’m sad or why I can’t deal with my grief!! I have to walk this journey alone, as it is a journey only I can overcome with God’s help. I have found so much comfort in God’s word and it’s reflected in each block of this quilt.

The center cat, represents strength and Joy and everlasting Love it’s like my Grandma smiling at me I take comfort in that, the other cat blocks are my building blocks to find a path through the grief and anger to the beautiful memories I have of my Grandma the time we shared the laughter and funny things she would say to brighten my day.

Each block helped me heal my heart one stitch at a time. I’m no longer sad I’m happy that I was lucky enough to have such a special person in my life to mentor to me and to show me so much love and Kindness who guided me in the direction to God.

My wish to you all is this, if your hurting or struggling with something that weighs heavy on your heart. Talk to someone or put your Faith in God for through him we have peace and he will give you the healing that your heart may need.

So if you have noticed, I wrote the words of significance to me “My Faith Love and Joy” under the center cat along with my favorite bible verse Psalm 23. With the final words on the bottom of the quilt “Always in My Heart ”

I hope you all, have a wonderful day and may it be blessed, with the ones you hold dear in your heart.



Christmas Memories

Hello Fellow Followers,

I hope everyone, had a wonderful Christmas and you received many blessings. I want to share with you all some special gifts that I made for my family.

The first quilt that I made was for my grandfather, it was made with my grandma’s jeans. It was a simple square on square quilt, with hues of blues and greens mixed together to wrap him in a warm hug, on those chilly winter days. I wanted him to know how much we love him and to give him a special memory of my grandma.

The second memory quilt I made was for my sister, it was made with all the pretty bright shirts that my grandmother would wear. A lot of them have special memories, like shirts she would wear at Christmas along with her favorite every day shirts. I made the square on square in a pixilated heart design. Then framed it with tan shirts, I top quilted free flowing feathers and added special words like, Faith and Love in the design, It turned out beautifully.

The next gift was for my parents, I took the pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts called Forest Friends and made a table runner. The blocks where made up with a bobcat,cougar,blue jay and a red cardinal along with trees and mountains. I then did a mix of free motion quilting with feathers, ribbon candy, swirls and pebbling and added there last name on one edge. It turned out fantastic, I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I did making these special gifts.

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!!